Competencies and Education Program for dental hygienists in NB

Lifelong learning is the hallmark of any profession. It is imperative that all professionals remain current in one’s discipline. The profession of dental hygiene is constantly changing through technological advances, research, regulatory changes, innovations in health care delivery and development of new clinical procedures. These continual changes accentuate the need for dental hygienists to remain current in their knowledge and clinical care of clients.
To acknowledge its commitment to continuing competence of dental hygienists and to meet the mandate of the Act Respecting the NB College of Dental Hygienists (15(2)(h)), the College has developed a professional Continuing Competency Program which requires continuing education requirement for all registered dental hygienists in New Brunswick. The mission of the NBCDH is to protect the public by developing, advocating and regulating safe ethical dental hygiene practice in NB.
The NBCDH council has adopted the following Continuing Competence Program which will consequently ensure the protection of the public by providing current quality care to all.
NB College of Dental Hygienists Competencies and Education Program
NB Competency Form